Course Designing

All professional courses are taught in small classes in order to achieve language learning. Courses aimed at cultivating student’s professional abilities, such as English teaching theory, English teaching materials and teaching methods, culture and English language teaching, business and network information, international trade case studies, cross-cultural research and communication courses, are all effective in offering students a systematic professional training.

Academics and business people are invited to together constitute the Curriculum Development Committee, which performs the function of discussing course content, establishing English graduates’ career orientation and required work skills, with the aim of integrating theoretical basis and practical application of the workplace through the communication between academia and production sector.

   A systematic course regulation is especially stressed. All courses, including basic language courses as well as courses for five-year college and two-year college, are carefully bridged to avoid repetition and hence to promote students’ interest in learning and the expected effect.

 Practical courses about advanced foreign language and application of media in business are emphatically offered to  breed qualified foreign language professionals and children's language teaching staff.